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Watch and learn how easy it is
start video marketing today.
You have everything you need! 

Get started now — 3 easy steps:

  1. Login to your account (using the password provided to you) and review your Customized Video Library.

  2. Click View for each video to watch and decide which Voice & Data prospecting videos you'll want to share and post.

  3. Choose a video and click Share. LinkedIn and Facebook are often great places to share business-related videos like these.

Next steps:

  1. The Add YouTube Video button lets you add any video from YouTube. TIP: As your library grows, use the Search field to find videos fast.

  2. Visit the YouTube channels of vendors you represent. You can add unlimited product, sales and training videos to your library. Each video gets customized with your company branding and your personal contact information. [Never send a prospect or customer to a vendor website or YouTube again!]

For advanced users:

  1. Start your own YouTube channel and upload your own videos to it. Add them to your Video Brandcaster account and share!

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