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Stuff you should know.
  • What is this?
    Video Brandcaster is online software that automatically frames and fully brands YouTube videos, and gives you an easy way to share them via email and social media. We're lit up about this new tool. It’s the first time we’ve offered a super-low-cost business-building tool for growing businesses and salespeople.
  • How do I buy it?
    Video Brandcaster is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform purchased through a low-cost, monthly, pay-as-you-go subscription. There is no contract or term obligation, so you can try it out and see how it helps your business. Cancel anytime if it doesn't pay for itself many times over. Subscriptions may be purchased through our network of Sales Affiliates or directly from Voodoo Video Marketing. (That's us.)
  • Is Video Brandcaster an app?
    It looks and feels just like an app, but you won't find it in the Apple App Store or Google Play. It's browser-based, so you can use it on any web browser on any device. There's no need for constant app updates. Want to add an app icon for Video Brandcaster on your mobile devices? Just login, then Share > Save to Home Screen.
  • How can I install MY OWN videos in Video Brandcaster?
    Our platform uses YouTube video hosting, making it super-easy to record and upload your own videos. ​ In fact, anyone with a current smartphone can record a selfie-style video on their phone and upload it directly to YouTube in minutes. You videos don't have to be perfect to be effective. They just need to be real and from the heart. ​ Just copy your video's Share link from YouTube and paste it using the Add YouTube Video feature in Video Brandcaster.
  • What happens if I let my subscription lapse?
    The world ends! (Hardly.) ​ If your Video Brandcaster subscription lapses, your custom-branded videos will be disabled. People trying to access your videos will see a Page Not Found error. Special account pricing may no longer be available if you decide to re-subscribe.
  • I know other people who need this tool. Can I earn commissions telling them about it?
    Yes!​ If you'd like to help other growing businesses and salespeople by telling them about Video Brandcaster, signup to become a Voodoo Sales Affiliate. It's easy and free. You'll get your own set of affiliate banners, links and coupon codes, and earn a generous commission every time one of your contacts signs up.
  • Can I put my Brandcaster videos on my website?
    Yes! There are multiple methods of installing Brandcaster videos on your website. Visit THIS PAGE to see examples. NOTE: If you're not experienced with website design, please provide the instructions below to your webmaster. 1) Direct Embedding (using iFrames) Use an HTML code iFrame to embed a single video directly into a page of your website. (Thumbnail images appear automatically from YouTube.) There is no limit to the number of iFrames you can install on your website. Video Brandcaster automatically performs security “sniffing.” This allows videos to be embedded directly into web pages, playing from your Video Brandcaster account, via secure iFrames. Our system automatically detects if the webpage is secure (https) or unsecure (http) and modifies delivery of the videos, branding and contact info to match the page into which you are embedding. Add an HTML Code snippet (iFrame) to your webpage. [This process differs for each web-building platform. Search the Help feature of your specific platform for details.] Insert the URL address for the corresponding customized video from your Voodoo library. (This URL appears in a web address bar near the top of the page when you click to View the video from your Voodoo Video Library.) Size the iFrame to show the entire video and customized frame around it (make sure the height and width are large enough to eliminate any horizontal or vertical scroll bars on your published web page. A properly installed video in an iFrame will look like this, but at full size: Advantage: YouTube videos are directly embedded in your page, including automated thumbnails, resulting in potential improvements in SEO ranking for your website. Videos play directly inside your page, customized with your logo and contact information. Drawback: Lack of page design flexibility. Most platforms will require you to display the full-size iFrame in a fixed-size window on the page. 2) Thumbnail Linking Install a still "thumbnail" image (of any size) linked to a single video or multiple still images linked to multiple videos to create a video gallery on your website. A typical thumbnail might look like this: Download or create a thumbnail image of whatever size you desire (to complement the design of your website). Install the desired image on the webpage. Copy the the URL address for the customized video from your Voodoo library. (Click View for the desired video, as show below.) In your web design platform, select the video’s thumbnail image, and use its Link feature to connect the thumbnail to the video. If given a choice of the page behavior, we recommend selecting Open New Tab. Repeat the process for as many videos as you like. There's NO limit. Advantage: Design flexibility. You can use thumbnails of any size, style, design and quantity on any web page. Each thumbnail “calls” (links to) its own optimized video player page, customized with your logo and contact information. Drawback: Thumbnail images aren't tallied as video content by search engine bots/algorithms. 3) Hybrid Approach An effective way to optimize video on your site is to combine the two methods explained above: use Direct Embedding for one primary video near the top of your web page use Thumbnail Linking for all other desired videos below the main video SEO bots/algorithms should give you “video credit” for the directly embedded video at the top, while you retain significant design flexibility withall the other videos on the page.
  • Do you make videos for me?
    No. Video Brandcaster is a video branding and sharing tool only. Your subscription does NOT include any video production or editing services. Voodoo offers 100% custom video production as a specialized service. Our award-winning video productions are negotiated and contracted individually. (Use the contact form at the bottom of this page to connect with us about your project.) ​ There are many other low-cost providers of customizable promotional videos for specific types of products and services. Insider Tip: Go to and search "Promo video for [YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE]" or "Video ad for [YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE]." Many freelancers will customize their pre-created videos with your name, logo, phone number and web address for under $20. You can create short professional-looking promo videos using a new self-service video maker app called Promo. This tool combines stock footage, typography and licensed music with a simple video editor. Make your own! After receiving or making your new video, simply upload it to YouTube, copy-paste the link into Video Brandcaster and voila! The video is instantly framed, fully branded and ready to share.
  • Do I need professional video production?
    It can be very effective to work with an established Video producer to create 100% professional video content. Pro videos serve an important purpose, positioning your company in the most positive light. ​ But if you're on a limited budget and can't afford to hire an experienced video producer, don't let that stop you from recording your own.
  • How do I make my own videos?
    No-cost selfie-style "talking-head" videos can be surprisingly effective, especially when the message is authentic, heartfelt — and brief! Important: Purchase and use a lapel (lavaliere) microphone to improve your sound. You can buy a good one for under $20 here. Or an even better one here. Whichever kind of videos you make and use, it makes them more professional and memorable to have them framed and branded with your logo and contact info.
  • How do I design my branded video frame (header and footer)?
    Voodoo offers every Video Brandcaster user a free frame header and footer design to get you started (a $49.95 value). Those with graphic experience are welcome to design their own using our Photoshop templates, downloadable right here. Download Header Template (PSD) Download Footer Template (PSD) You can also design your own Header and Footer using a free Canva account by following our easy tutorial.
  • How do I change the contact information in my video frame footer?
    First, make sure you are fully logged into the Video Library of your Video Brandcaster app. Select Personal Settings (the little person icon near the upper right). A panel opens allowing you change the information that appears publicly in your video frame footer. Want to hide something, like your phone number or address? Simply put a dot (.) in any field you'd like to hide. Remember to click Save before exiting Personal Settings. These changes are universal: the footer for all your videos will instantly reflect your new settings.
  • How do I track who watches my videos?
    Video Brandcaster's Statistics keep count of how many clicks each of your videos receives via each sharing outlet, from email to, Facbook to LinkedIn, etc. If you'd like to send email campaigns and tracks EXACTLY who opens your emails and views your videos, either upgrade your Voodoo account and use a 3rd-party Email Service provider like MailChimp. Click here for complete instructions on how to use your Video Brandcaster videos in MailChimp campaigns and tracks Opens and Video Views.
  • Will people see competitors' recommended videos from YouTube?
    Never! Video Brandcaster separates your videos from the competitive noise of the YouTube interface, putting them in your customized frame, and eliminating both the column of recommended videos and the checkerboard of videos that otherwise appear at the end of each video.
  • What videos can I add to my branded Video Library?
    Because Video Brandcaster uses YouTube as the video host, you can frame and fully brand ANY embeddable YouTube video, then share it with your own contacts. (This is the equivalent of embedding a YouTube video in any webpage.) ​ These videos can be from any person or company on YouTube, including yourself!
  • What does "embeddable" mean?"
    Whenever a person or company uploads a video to YouTube, they have a choice to “Allow embedding” or not. Almost everyone opts to allow embedding, which essentially gives anyone permission to use that video by embedding it in another web page, including the branded video pages that Video Brandcaster generates automatically for users. ​ If a YouTube video is marked as Private or does not "Allow embedding," you will not be able to use it in Video Brandcaster.
  • What about copyright issues? I don't want to steal anything.
    Most people and companies with YouTube channels WANT their videos to be embedded, viewed and shared as much as possible. (Just don’t tamper with or try to change anyone else’s videos.) ​ When you share someone else's YouTube video, you're helping them spread information they posted publicly on YouTube precisely because they WANT it to spread. (The owner of each YouTube video also benefits from the added video views that come through your sharing.) If you sell products or services on behalf of a vendor, that company is likely to be very happy that you’re sharing their video(s) as widely as possible.
  • I lost my login link. How do I access my account?
    Login to your Account & Billing area by clicking here. (Bookmark the page on all your devices for easy access wherever and whenever you want.) Once authenticated, you'll see a red button to access your Video Brandcaster app and personal Video Library.
  • I don't remember my password. How do I get in?
    Attempt to access your account by clicking here. Then click the Lost your password? link (see photo below). Enter the original email address you used to sign up for Video Brandcaster. [Note: your original signup email address may be different from the email address you've entered in Video Brandcaster's Personal Settings area and which appears publicly in the footer of your branded video frame.] Our system will send you an email from with instructions to reset your password and gain access to your account. Don't receive it within a few minutes? 1) Check your spam or junk folder. 2) Add to your safe sender list.
  • I want to change my user name. How can I do it?
    The user name you signed up with is your permanent account identity for login authentication and cannot be changed.
  • I'm a Voodoo Sales Affiliate. How do I login to the Sales Affiliate Center?
    Click here to login or visit:
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