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We exist to help you work less and sell more through the magic of video.

Did you know that a single marketing video can be the difference between "just hanging on" and truly thriving? We've witnessed this phenomenon again and again with businesses of every type, shape and size.

Happy Birthday, Voodoo!

When we launched in 2007, big companies "got it" right away.


They recognized the power of Automated Video Communications to increase sales, improve customer relationships and generate referrals.

15 Candles.webp
We made the big guys bigger.

Enterprise clients like Avnet, CenturyLink, HP, Logitech, Mitel, Polycom and Sprint Business had the marketing budgets needed to develop videos and use Voodoo's complete video marketing platform to automate growth. 


They loved how Voodoo branded and personalized every campaign — from their own marketing and direct sales teams, and from their partners, too. 

Our passion for underdogs.

We've also helped hundreds of smaller emerging businesses discover the power of video marketing. We love helping business owners gain visibility and build awareness to achieve wild success.

Video Brandcaster is YOUR tool. 

The only thing standing between your business and Big Growth Fast is some relevant video content and an easy way to share it. 


Video Brandcaster is the easiest way to frame and fully brand your video content. Every video is professionally branded and instantly available to share and spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn. 

To deliver magical success through the power of video.

Our mission:
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