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Special Member Benefit 
2024 Q3 SPECIAL — $1250 off —

Does your website have a Home Page video? 
No? Then you're losing out on traffic and leads.
Why? A video makes your site 53X more likely to appear on Page 1 of a Google search. (Forrester Research)

Do you have a YouTube channel featuring your Home Page video? 
No? You're losing out on MORE traffic and leads.
Why? YouTube is the world's #2 search engine and YouTube Videos are featured in Google search results.

A Home Page video is a MUST. Otherwise, your company will always struggle for attention.

Watch this demo for complete details

Company Home Page Video
for your consultancy — $2747 'til 9/30/24 
Customized 12 Ways — Ready in just 10 days
Logo, tag line, areas of expertise, narration, original video footage and more

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Why you NEED a company video:

  • Your Website — 53X more likely to gain Page 1 Google placement

  • YouTube Channel — Leverage the world's #2 search engine

  • Email Signatures and Campaigns — Double the effectiveness of your campaigns

  • Social Media — 10X your engagement on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. 

  • Trade Shows — Adds eye-catching excitement to your booth

  • More

Save more than 35% off regular price.

$1250 Off for SCTC Members Only*

                         *must be pre-paid by 9/30/24 


National quality Communications Technology Consultant video, customized with your name, logo, tagline, areas of expertise, your own optional video clips, etc.


Reg. $3997 - SCTC Member-only discount of $1250 = $2747

  • 2-minute video, customized and branded for your company

  • Embed on your website for 53X SEO boost

  • Anchor your YouTube channel 

  • Use in social media, email signatures and campaigns, trade shows, etc.

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Questions? Call Michele Riley • 510-725-4035 x75

And check out this customized video library for prospecting and client education.
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