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Help partners, resellers and agents open doors and sell more with Video Brandcasting. 

We can build custom video libraries for your sales channels, with an optional white-label user interface, branded to your enterprise.

Partners are understandably reluctant to try new marketing tools. But Video Brandcasting is different. Partners will adopt it quickly and use it often.

We make every partner look great

Our award-winning graphic designers create and install the partners' custom branding, so accounts are ready-to-use without lifting a finger.

No learning curve

Every partner can start emailing and sharing videos in seconds from any web browser on any device. If they can use LinkedIn, they can Brandcast videos.

No APIs either

Video Brandcaster works like magic with other marketing tools. Partners simply copy-paste their video links into any email app or automation tool for click-tracking and notifications. 

Professionalize your partners

Imagine your partners prospecting with professional Video Marketing that works on any platform globally. With our Enterprise version, you control the video content. Partners can stop repeating themselves and get on with the business of selling. That's awesome for your ROI.

A YouTube View for every click

Enterprise videos posted on YouTube often have embarrassingly low View counts, reflecting poorly on your brand. Watch the number of Views soar when videos are shared by your reps, agents, resellers and partners. Video Brandcasting generates exponential exposure. 

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